Welcome to Learn with Louise Driver Training! I hope you enjoy browsing my website.  If you have any questions just give me a call, send an email or message me on Facebook. Thanks. Louise

“Cannot thank Louise enough! So patient and calm and supported me the whole way through!” Beth

“I would definitely recommend Louise to anyone who, like me, suffers with anxieties around driving or just anyone who wants to learn in a stress free way! Louise has made driving so much more enjoyable than I ever thought it could be!”  Emily

“As an ‘older’ learner Louise put me at ease from the very beginning.  She believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.  Will miss my Thursday mornings with her, chatting, laughing and keeping me calm” Wendy

“Louise is such a fab instructor, and I would highly recommend her to anyone as she did an amazing job of teaching me and helping me pass my test” Katie ………. and here’s what Katie’s mum had to say “
“Thankyou so much for your time and patience with Katie, your professional but friendly approach and the individual nature of the lessons have paid dividends for Katie and we look forward to using you again in the future for her sister”

Welcome to Learn with Louise Driver Training

If you're looking for Driving Lessons in Darlington and the surrounding area then you have come to the right place!

I believe that your Driving Lessons should be as individual as you are.  Whether you are taking the huge leap to independence and learning to drive for the first time, need to brush up on your skills for an important job interview or just looking for some help to feel more confident behind the wheel,  we will work together to achieve your goals.

Whatever you are looking to do, together we will make sure that you enjoy your time in the car, because we all know that when we enjoy something, we learn better!

So let's make those goals a reality, start to Learn with Louise today!!


Our Services

Driving Lessons

Enjoy a relaxed, friendly learning environment and get the skills you need to be a ‘Safe Driver for Life’.  Try Driving Lessons with Learn with Louise and make waiting in the rain for the bus a distant memory!!

Refresher Lessons

Driving Assessment at work?  Not driven in the UK for a while?  No problem!  Treat yourself to some Refresher Lessons with Learn with Louise and I will get you back on track and feeling ready for anything!

Confidence Building Lessons

Lots of people lose confidence in Driving so don't worry you’re not alone!  Having lessons to boost your confidence will give you that independence back.  So why not give it a try, we’ll have you shining again in no time!

I provide lessons in:

Darlington and the surrounding area

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